Black Cat DRAMA - MACBETH Book + CD (G. A. Level 2)

William Shakespeare Retold by Victoria Heward

ISBN: 9788853008473

zjednodušená klasická anglická četba s poslechovým CD ( úroveň 2)

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Black Cat DRAMA - MACBETH Book + CD (G. A. Level 2) : 9788853008473

241 Kč

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zjednodušená klasická anglická četba s poslechovým CD ( úroveň 2) Adventure

'Hail, Macbeth, who will be king one day.'
On a cold Scottish heath, three witches make a prophecy. Inspired by their words and encouraged by his evil wife, Macbeth begins his trail of destruction to gain and keep the Scottish throne.

Description: The GREEN APPLE DRAMA series is composed of versions of Shakespeare's plays in comic-strip form. They are at Starter level and Step 2. The Starter level includes instructions on how to stage the play, while Step 2 includes music and mime activities.

The GREEN APPLE series is composed of illustrated graded readers. The readers are graded into three levels - Starter, Step 1 and Step 2 - according to structural and lexical criteria, as well as by choice of subject matter.

• introduction about the author and his/her times
• wide variety of interesting activities to promote understanding of the text, as well as all four language skills, lexis and sociocultural awareness and knowledge
• activities in the style of the Cambridge ESOL and Trinity exams
• informative and fascinating cross-curricular dossiers, which explore the historical and cultural background of the text
• a recording on CD of the text in British or American English, with extra listening activities
• extensive vocabulary footnotes, often illustrated
• exit tests (usually in Cambridge ESOL exam format)
• guided internet projects

An answer key and an additional exit test for each reader are available online as a PDF file at the Black Cat website. Further info on grading can be found in the 'The Black Cat Guide to Graded Readers'

William Shakespeare Retold by Victoria Heward
paperback + Audio CD
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A2 - Pre-Intermediate