Black Cat DRAMA TEMPEST + CD (Green Apple)

William Shakespeare Retold by Victoria Heward

ISBN: 9788853004499

zjednodušená klasická anglická četba s poslechovým CD ( úroveň starter)

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Black Cat DRAMA TEMPEST + CD (Green Apple) : 9788853004499

223 Kč

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zjednodušená klasická anglická četba s poslechovým CD ( úroveň starter) Human interest
Prospero, Duke of Milan, lives on a lonely island with his daughter Miranda, Caliban a monster and Ariel a magic spirit. He learns to do magic and he wants to punish his bad brother, Antonio. He creates a magic storm – a tempest. All the people with Antonio on the ship land on Prospero’s island. Many strange things happen to them, but in the end they all come together again. Caliban and Ariel are free. Prospero and his brother are friends again.

The GREEN APPLE series is composed of illustrated graded readers. The readers are graded into three levels - Starter, Step 1 and Step 2 - according to structural and lexical criteria, as well as by choice of subject matter.

• introduction about the author and his/her times
• wide variety of interesting activities to promote understanding of the text, as well as all four language skills, lexis and sociocultural awareness and knowledge
• activities in the style of the Cambridge ESOL and Trinity exams
• informative and fascinating cross-curricular dossiers, which explore the historical and cultural background of the text
• a recording on CD of the text in British or American English, with extra listening activities
• extensive vocabulary footnotes, often illustrated
• exit tests (usually in Cambridge ESOL exam format)
• guided internet projects

An answer key and an additional exit test for each reader are available online as a PDF file at the Black Cat website. Further info on grading can be found in the 'The Black Cat Guide to Graded Readers'

William Shakespeare Retold by Victoria Heward
paperback + Audio CD
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