Collins COBUILD IELTS Dictionary

ISBN: 9780008100834

Slovník speciálně uzpůsobený pro přípravu na zkoušku IELTS.

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Collins COBUILD IELTS Dictionary : 9780008100834

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Slovník speciálně uzpůsobený pro přípravu na zkoušku IELTS.

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This dictionary is ideal for learners who are preparing for IELTS and it covers all the words, phrases, and idioms that students need to master to achieve the IELTS scores required by the top universities and employers.

With full-sentence definitions written in simple, natural English, this dictionary is easy to use and understand. The examples, taken from the 4.5-billion-word Collins Corpus, have been specially selected to show learners how the words are used in IELTS-style contexts.

The dictionary contains over 500 vocabulary-enrichment features, which focus on the words that are essential for IELTS. The dictionary also contains thousands of synonyms and antonyms, which will help students to broaden their vocabulary range and create more variety in their spoken and written English.

As the student's ultimate goal is to be able to use the English language fluently and accurately, there are two guides at the back of the dictionary which will help learners to produce polished written texts and to achieve fluency when speaking: Writing for IELTS guide and Speaking for IELTS guide.

Students can feel confident that the Collins COBUILD IELTS Dictionary will fully prepare them for the exam and help them achieve the score they are aiming for.

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