Cooperative Learning and Second Language Teaching

McCafferty, Steven

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521606646

kniha se zaměřuje na kooperativní výuku jazyka

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Cooperative Learning and Second Language Teaching : 9780521606646

1,054 Kč

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kniha se zaměřuje na kooperativní výuku jazyka Although Cooperative Learning has steadily grown in popularity in second-language classrooms, few resources are available that cover the topic in depth. Cooperative Learning in Second Language Teaching is a comprehensive overview, suitable for MA TESOL programs and for in-service teachers. Part I provides a grounding for collaborative/cooperative learning by discussing the educational research, issues that surround its implementation, and how it relates to theories of second language learning. Part II is a series of six narrative chapters written by teachers from around the world. These teachers share their experiences using cooperative learning in their classrooms, demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach, in both second and foreign language contexts, for elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels of instruction. An appendix outlining the techniques in these chapters is also included.

Cambridge University Press
McCafferty, Steven
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