Corpora in Applied Linguistics PB

Hunston, Susan

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521805834

kniha se zabývá předmětem aplikované lingvistiky

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Corpora in Applied Linguistics PB : 9780521805834

1,071 Kč

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kniha se zabývá předmětem aplikované lingvistiky Corpus linguistics is leading to the development of theories about language which challenge existing orthodoxies in applied linguistics. However, there are also many questions which should be examined and debated: how big should a corpus be? Is the data from a corpus reliable? What are its applications for language teaching? This book exams these and other questions related to this emerging field. This book discusses these important issues and explores the techniques of investigating a corpus, as well as demonstrating the application of corpora in a wide variety of fields. It also outlines the impact corpus linguistics is having on how languages are taught in the classroom and how it is informing language teaching materials and dictionaries. This book makes a superb and accessible introduction to corpus linguistics and is a must read for anyone interested in corpus linguistics and its impact on applied linguistics. Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction to a corpus in use; Chapter 2: The corpus as object: design and; Chapter 3: Methods in corpus linguistics: interpreting concordance lines; Chapter 4: Methods in corpus linguistics: beyond the concordance line; Chapter 5: Applications of corpora in applied linguistics; Chapter 6: Corpora and language teaching: Description; Chapter 7: Corpora and language teaching: General applications; Chapter 8: Corpora and language teaching: Specific applications; List of relevant web-sites

Cambridge University Press
Hunston, Susan
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