Criterion-Referenced Language Testing PB

Brown, J. & Hudson, T.

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521000833

kniha se zabývá kritérii zavedení jazykových testů

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Criterion-Referenced Language Testing PB : 9780521000833

1,016 Kč

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kniha se zabývá kritérii zavedení jazykových testů

Description: Over the past decade criterion-referenced testing (CRT) has become an emerging issue in language assessment. Most language testing books have hitherto focused almost exclusively on norm-referenced testing, whereby test takers' scores are interpreted with reference to the performance of other test takers, and have ignored CRT, an approach that examines the level of knowledge of a specific domain of target behaviours. This book is designed to comprehensively address the wide variety of CRT and decision-making needs that more and more language-teaching professionals must address in their daily work. Criterion-referenced Language Testing is the first volume to create a nexus between the theoretical constructs and practical applications of this new area of language testing.
Contents: Ch1Alternate Paradigms; Ch2 Curriculum-related Testing ; Ch 3 Criterion-referenced Test Items; Ch4 Basic Descriptive and Item Statistics for Criterion-referenced Tests; Ch5 Reliability, Dependability, and Unidimensionality; Ch6Validity of Criterion-referenced Tests; Ch 7Administering and Giving Feedback on Criterion-referenced Tests

Cambridge University Press
Brown, J. & Hudson, T.
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