Ray Bradbury

ISBN: 9780007284740

Originální anglická četba

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DANDELION WINE : 9780007284740

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Originální anglická četba An endearing classic of childhood memories of an idyllic midwestern summer from the celebrated author of 'Farenheit 451'.   He stood at the open window in the dark, took a deep breath and exhaled.  The street lights, like candles on a black cake, went out.  He exhaled again and again and the stars began to vanish.  Douglas smiled. He pointed a finger.  There, and there. Now over here, and here!  Yellow squares were cut in the dim morning earth as house lights winked slowly on. A sprinkle of windows came suddenly alight miles off in dawn country.  'Everyone yawn. Everyone up.'   In the backwaters of Illinois, Douglas Spaulding's grandfather makes an intoxicating brew from harvested dandelions. 'Dandelion Wine' is a quirky, breathtaking coming-of-age story from one of science fiction's greatest writers. Distilling his experiences into  Rites & Ceremonies  and  Discoveries & Revelations , the young Spaulding wistfully ponders over magical tennis shoes, and machines for every purpose from time travel to happiness and silent travel.  Based upon Bradbury's own experiences growing up in Waukegan in the 1920s, 'Dandelion Wine' is a heady mixture of fond memory, forgiveness, magic, the imagination and above all, of summers that seemed to go on forever.

Ray Bradbury
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