Digital Literacies

Hockly, N, Dudeney, G & Pegrum, M

ISBN: 9781408296899

Kniha pro učitele se zaměřuje na využití digitálních médií při výuce angličtiny

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Digital Literacies : 9781408296899

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Kniha pro učitele se zaměřuje na využití digitálních médií při výuce angličtiny

Our communication landscape has shifted dramatically in a few short years, and new web 2.0 tools and social media are having an increasing impact on our everyday lives and our everyday language and literacy practices. It is more crucial than ever for language teaching to encompass a wide variety of literacies which go well beyond traditional print literacy.

Bringing applied linguistics theory to life in the language classroom ? this resource explains clearly and easily for teachers and teacher trainers how to address digital literacy in their ELT classrooms for learners of all ages and abilities.

Key Features:
• A theoretical framework through which to categorise and prioritise digital literacies
• Practical classroom activities to help learners and teachers develop digital literacies in tandem
  with key language skills
• A thorough analysis of the pedagogical implications of developing digital literacies in teaching practice
• A consideration of exactly how to integrate digital literacies into the English language syllabus
• Suggestions for teachers on how to continue their own professional development through PLNs
  (Personal Learning Networks), and how to access teacher development opportunities online

Hockly, N, Dudeney, G & Pegrum, M
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