English for Specific Purposes

Hutchinson, Tom & Waters, A.

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521318372

Angličtina pro specifické účely nabízí učiteli nový pohled na tyto důležité oblasti.

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English for Specific Purposes : 9780521318372

798 Kč

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Angličtina pro specifické účely nabízí učiteli nový pohled na tyto důležité oblasti.

Description: English for Specific Purposes offers the teacher a new perspective on this important field. The main concern of the book is effective learning and how this can best be achieved in ESP courses. The authors discuss the evolution of ESP and its position today; the role of the ESP teacher; course design; syllabuses; materials; teaching methods, and evaluation procedures. The book will be of interest to all teachers who are concerned with ESP. Those who are new to the field will find it a thorough, practical introduction while those with more extensive experience will find its approach both stimulating and innovative.
Contents: Thanks; Introduction; Part I. What is ESP?: 1. The origins of ESP; 2. The development of ESP; 3. ESP: approach not product; Part II. Course Design: 4. Language descriptions; 5. Theories of learning; 6. Needs analysis; 7. Approaches to course design; Part III. Application: 8. The syllabus; 9. Materials evaluation; 10. Materials design; 11. Methodology; 12. Evaluation; Part IV. The Role of the ESP Teacher: 13. Orientation; Appendix; Bibliography; Acknowledgements; Index.

Cambridge University Press
Hutchinson, Tom & Waters, A.
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