Games for Vocabulary Practice Book

Felicity O´Dell, Katie Head

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521006514

Výběr z více než 50 her a aktivit na slovní zásobu pro použití ve třídě. Kniha určena pro úroveň Elementary až Upper-intermediate, Advanced.

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Games for Vocabulary Practice Book : 9780521006514

1,224 Kč

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Výběr z více než 50 her a aktivit na slovní zásobu pro použití ve třídě. Kniha určena pro úroveň Elementary až Upper-intermediate, Advanced.

A selection of more than 50 vocabulary games and activities for classroom use, based on 18 topic-based units. This book enables students to practise key vocabulary in an enjoyable way through a range of fun games and activities.


Unit 1 Personal information: 1.1 All in a day; 1.2 How special am I?; 1.3 The dating game; Unit 2 The family: 2.1 Family tree; 2.2 The happy couple; 2.3 Family idioms; Unit 3 Daily activities: 3.1 What people do; 3.2 Change places if…; 3.3 Check in cheerfully; Unit 4 Homes: 4.1 At home; 4.2 Fully furnished; 4.3 Dream rooms; Unit 5 In the town, in the city: 5.1 Finding places; 5.2 Mystery word pairs; 5.3 City life; Unit 6 Travel and tourism: 6.1 Name the country; 6.2 Happy holidays; 6.3 Colourful holiday collocations; Unit 7 Food and drink: 7.1 What I had for dinner last night; 7.2 Twenty questions; 7.3 We're all odd; Unit 8 Describing people: 8.1 Who am I?; 8.2 Compound adjective dominoes; 8.3 The people's alphabet game; Unit 9 Describing things: 9.1 Everyday objects; 9.2 Kim's game; 9.3 Name this thing; Unit 10 Friends and relationships: 10.1 Poems; 10.2 Interesting people; 10.3 Feelings; Unit 11 The human body: 11.1 Describing the body; 11.2 Doctor, doctor; 11.3 Idioms of the body; Unit 12 Leisure time: 12.1 Mystery evening out; 12.2 Picture your free time; 12.3 Can you do any conjuring tricks; Unit 13 Education: 13.1 My first school; 13.2 Secondary school: the best days of your life; 13.3 Successful learning; Unit 14 The world of work: 14.1 Who, where and what?; 14.2 What's my line?; 14.3 Dangerous and stressful jobs; Unit 15 Money and shopping: 15.1 Bring and buy sale; 15.2 Crossword conversations; 15.3 Get rich quick quiz; Unit 16 Past experiences; 16.1 Past time dominoes; 16.2 Phrasal verbs auction; 16.3 What a great story!; Unit 17 Science and technology: 17.1 Day in the modern office; 17.2 Sci-tech board game; 17.3 Definitions; Unit 18 Social and environmental issues: 18.1 Find five; 18.2 Social survey; 18.3 Compounds

Cambridge University Press
Felicity O´Dell, Katie Head
Rok vydání
A2 - b2, C1 - Elementary - Upper-Intermediate, Advanced