Group Dynamics in the Language Classroom PB

Dornyei, Z & Murphey, T

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521529716

Kniha se zabývá výukou cizího jazyk ve skupině

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Group Dynamics in the Language Classroom PB : 9780521529716

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Kniha se zabývá výukou cizího jazyk ve skupině The study of groups - 'group dynamics' - is a vibrant academic field, overlapping diverse disciplines. It is also highly relevant to language education because the success of classroom learning is very much dependent on how students relate to each other, what the classroom climate is like, what roles the teacher and the learners play and, more generally, how well students can co-operate and communicate with each other. This innovative book addresses these issues and offers practical advice on how to manage language learner groups in a way that they develop into cohesive and productive teams. Contents: 1. Becoming a group; 2. Managing the class: Rules, norms and discipline; 3. How groups develop; 4. The cohesive group: Relationships and achievement; 5. The classroom environment's contribution to group dynamics; 6. The teacher as group leader; 7. Student roles and role modelling; 8. Trouble-shooting: Conflicts and apathy happen; 9

Cambridge University Press
Dornyei, Z & Murphey, T
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