Interactive Language Teaching

Rivers, Wilga (Ed)

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521311083

Sbírka esejí učitelů, kteří prezentují své osvědčené učební metody

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Interactive Language Teaching : 9780521311083

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Sbírka esejí učitelů, kteří prezentují své osvědčené učební metody In this collection of essays, a distinguished group of innovative teachers and writers describe the approaches and techniques they have incorporated into their own teaching. The articles are designed to help classroom teachers make language classes more participatory and communication oriented. Successive articles deal with the structure of interaction in large and small groups: imaginative activities for listening, speaking, reading, writing, and testing; the use of poetry, song, and drama; how to perform grammar rules rather than recite them; the special contribution of authentic materials; using audio and video as well as computer software to enhance learning, tapping the community as a resource; learning to interact in different cultural styles; and preparing the student for real-life professional use of language. Teachers of any language and teachers in training will find in this volume a wealth of original and practical ideas for the classroom. Contents: Preface; List of abbreviations; Part I. What is Interactive Language Teaching?: 1. Interaction as the key to teaching language for communication Wilga M. Rivers; 2. Interactive discourse in small and large groups Claire J. Kramsch; Part II. Language in the Classroom: 3. Speaking and listening: imaginative activities for the language class Stephen A. Sadow; 4. Motivating language learners through authentic materials Bernice S. Melvin and David F. Stout; 5. Interactive oral grammar exercises Raymond F. Comeau; 6. Interaction of reader and text Anthony Papalia; 7. Writing: an interactive experience Gloria M. Russo; 8. Poetry and song as effective language-learning activities Alan Maley; 9. 'The magic if' of theater: enhancing language learning through drama Richard Via; 10. Interactive testing: time to be a test pilot Marlies Mueller; Part III. The Wider World: 11. Culturally diverse speech styles Gail L. N. Robinson; 12. The use of technology: varying the medium in language teaching Karen Price; 13. Interaction outside the classroom: using the community Peter Strevens; 14. Interaction in the computer age Robert Ariew and Joseph T. Ryan, Jr.; Bibliography; Index.

Cambridge University Press
Rivers, Wilga (Ed)
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