Issues in Applied Linguistics PB

McCarthy, Michael

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521585460

kniha pro učitele představuje největší problémy aplikované lingvistiky

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Issues in Applied Linguistics PB : 9780521585460

1,037 Kč

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kniha pro učitele představuje největší problémy aplikované lingvistiky This book, by one of the leading figures in applied linguistics, provides a wide-ranging and comprehensive treatment of the major issues. Its six chapters take the reader through the major tenets and debates in the field and are essential reading for anyone involved in applied linguistics and language teaching today. It outlines the historical roots of the field and its major developments over the years, and examines current issues such as language modelling and the analysis of discourse. While not neglecting theory, the book takes a practical approach and language teachers, as well as university level students, will find it a useful read. Contents: 1. Applying Linguistics: disciplines, theories, models, descriptions; 2. Language and Languages; 3. Modelling languages: the raw material of applied linguistics; 4. Language acquisition: methods and metaphors; 5. Language as discourse: speech and writing in applied linguistics; 6. Applied linguistics as professional discourse

Cambridge University Press
McCarthy, Michael
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