Issues in Computer-Adaptive Testing of Reading Proficiency PB

Chalhoub-Deville, Micheline

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521653800

kniha představuje možnosti využití počítače pro testování jazykových dovedností

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Issues in Computer-Adaptive Testing of Reading Proficiency PB : 9780521653800

1,526 Kč

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kniha představuje možnosti využití počítače pro testování jazykových dovedností Language testers are increasingly directing their attention to the development of computer-adaptive testing (CAT) instruments for assessing learners' second language ability. This book examines CAT instruments used to assess the receptive skills, with a strong focus on reading ability, as well as a critical discussion of CAT practices from the point of view of performance assessment. This volume is the first to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach and is written by leading scholars in their respective fields. The chapters are grouped into three major sections: second language reading constructs, second language CAT applications and considerations, and item response theory (IRT) measurement issues. To help the reader grasp the main points of these sections, discussion chapters are included after each one which summarise and examine the issues raised by the authors. Contents: 1. If reading is reader-based, can there be a computer-adaptive test of reading?; 2. Developments in reading research and their implications for computer-adaptive reading assessment; 3. Reading constructs and reading assessment; 4. Considerations for test reading proficiency via computer-adaptive testing; 5. Research and development of a computer-adaptive test of listening comprehension in the less-commonly taught language Hausa; 6. The development of an adaptive test for placement in French; 7. Computer-adaptive testing: a view from outside; 8. From reading theory to testing practice; 9. Selected technical issues in the creation of computer-adaptive tests of second language reading proficiency; 10. A measurement approach to computer-adaptive testing of reading comprehension; 11. The practical utility of Rasch measurement models; 12. An overview and some observations on the psychometric models used in computer-adaptive language testing.

Cambridge University Press
Chalhoub-Deville, Micheline
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