Oxford Business English Dictionary for learners of English + CD-ROM


Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780194316170

A new up-to-date Business English dictionary.

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Oxford Business English Dictionary for learners of English + CD-ROM : 9780194316170

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A new up-to-date Business English dictionary.

A new up-to-date Business English dictionary, that gives learners all the help and information they need to do business in English.

It includes more than 30,000 words, phrases and meanings from a wide variety of business areas, and has a special focus on using the language correctly. It also comes with a CD-ROM.

How can it be used?

  • Can help with preparation for Business English exams such as BEC
  • As a companion to Business English courses
  • For self-study

Who is it for?

  • Pre-work business students, in-work business people, teachers of Business English

Key features

  • Clear design helps busy people find what they want fast.
  • Words and phrases are explained clearly in simple language.
  • Groups of common phrases show words that are always used together to help learners combine words correctly (to open/close/have/hold an account).
  • Special notes build areas of vocabulary, explain the difference between words that are often confused and give information on aspects of business.
  • Illustrations and diagrams explain business concepts and processes (break-even point, decision-making).
  • Study pages focus on specific areas of business language.

Oxford University Press
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