Perspectives on Pedagogical Grammar PB

Odlin, Terence (Ed)

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521449908

Kniha pro učitele zaměřena na pedagogickou gramatiku

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Perspectives on Pedagogical Grammar PB : 9780521449908

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Kniha pro učitele zaměřena na pedagogickou gramatiku The author brings together authorities from worldwide to update current theory and research in pedagogical grammar. In the paperback edition, Professor Odlin brings together eleven authorities from various parts of the world to update current theory and research in pedagogical grammar. The first section addresses grammatical analysis, covering Chomskyan Universal Grammar and a number of alternative models. The second section shows how lexicon and discourse rules interact with and influence the grammatical system. A final section deals directly with applications, outlining effective methods of teaching grammar in different areas of the language curriculum. Contents: 1. Introduction; Part I: What sort of Grammar?; 2. Universal Grammar and the learning and the teaching of second languages Vivian Cook; 3. Non-transformational theories of grammar: Implications for langauge teaching Philip Hubbard; 4. Rules and pedagogical grammar Paul Westney; Part II: Grammar, Lexicon and Discourse; 5. Words and their properties; Arguments for a lexical approach to pedagogical grammar David Little; 6. Grammatical consciousness-raising and learnability Virginia Yip; 7. Functional grammars, pedagogical grammars, and communicative language teaching Russell S. Tomlin; 8. Learning to function with the other tongue: A systematic functional perspective on second langauge teaching Ruqaiya Hasan and Gillian Perret; Part III. Putting Grammar to Work; 9. The effect of systematic instruction in learning the English article system Peter Master; 10. Linguistic theory and Pedagogical practice David Nunan; 11. The Introspective Hierarchy: A comparison of the linguists,teachers and learners Terence Odlin; 12. From printout to handout: Grammar and vocabulary teaching in the context of data-driven learning Tim Johns; 13. Conclusion, Glossary, Index.

Cambridge University Press
Odlin, Terence (Ed)
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