Research Genres PB

Swales, John

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521533348

kniha pro učitele se zaměřuje na výzkum žánrů

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Research Genres PB : 9780521533348

1,058 Kč

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kniha pro učitele se zaměřuje na výzkum žánrů Research Genres discusses today's research world, its various configurations of genres, and the role of English within them. Theoretical and methodological issues are explored, with a special emphasis on various metaphors of genre. The book is full of carefully-worked detail and each chapter ends with suggestions for pedagogical practice. Research Genres provides a rich and scholarly account of this key area. Contents: 1. Toward a world of genre; 2. The role of English in the research world; 3. Theoretical and methodological issues; 4. 'Getting done': The PhD dssertation; 5. The PhD defense; 6. Research talk and research talks; 7. The Research Article Revisited; 8. Three remaining issues.

Cambridge University Press
Swales, John
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