Research Perspectives on English for Academic Purposes

Flowerdew, J & Peacock, M

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521805186

Kniha pro učitele zkoumá teorii a praxi v English for Academic Purposes (EAP), výuce angličtiny pro akademické účely

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Research Perspectives on English for Academic Purposes : 9780521805186

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Kniha pro učitele zkoumá teorii a praxi v English for Academic Purposes (EAP), výuce angličtiny pro akademické účely

Description: The number of non-native students studying in English-medium universities has increased over the past decade. Paralleling this growth is the interest in English for Academic Purposes (EAP). No one research-based volume has yet investigated the theoretical issues and pedagogical concerns of the area. This wide-ranging volume of specially commissioned articles from leading scholars in the field aims to bring to the wider community current research in the field and its implications for pedagogy. It offers a state-of-the-art representation of research in EAP and will help define the field in the coming years.
Contents: Preface;Introduction to Part 1; Issues in EAP: A Preliminary Perspective John Flowerdew and Matthew Peacock; Language Use, Language Planning and EAP; EAP-Related Linguistic Research: An Intellectual History; Linguistic Research and EAP Pedagogy; International Scientific English: The Language of Research Scientists around the World; Discipline Specificity and EAP; World Englishes: Issues in and from Academic Writing Assessment; Addressing Issues of Power and Difference in ESL Academic Writing; I'll Go with the Group": Rethinking 'Discourse Community' In EAP; EAP Assessment: Issues, Models, and Outcomes; Introduction to Part 2; The EAP curriculum: Issues, Methods, and Challenges; Twenty Years of Needs Analyses: Reflections on a Personal Journey; The Curriculum Renewal Process in English for Academic Purposes Programs; Team Teaching in EAP: Changes and Adaptations in the Birmingham Approach; Does the Emperor Have No Clothes? A Re-Examination of Grammar in Content-Based Instruction; The Specialised Vocabulary of English for Academic Purposes; Language Learning Strategies and EAP Proficiency: Teacher Views, Student Views, and Test Results; Issues in EAP Test Development: What One Institution and Its History Tell Us; Teaching Writing for Academic Purposes; Reading Academic English: Carrying Learners Across the Lexical Threshold; Incorporating Reading into EAP Writing Courses; The Development of EAP Oral Discussion Ability; Second Language Lecture Comprehension Research in Naturalistic Controlled Conditions; Designing Tasks for Developing Study Competence and Study Skills in English; Promoting EAP Learner Autonomy in a Second Language University Context.

Cambridge University Press
Flowerdew, J & Peacock, M
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