Task-Based Language Education Paperback

Kris van den Branden

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521689526

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Task-Based Language Education Paperback : 9780521689526

846 Kč

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kniha pro učitele For the past 20 years, task-based language teaching (TBLT) has attracted the worldwide attention of researchers, curriculum developers, teacher trainers and language teachers. However, much of the available literature and research has been from a psycholinguistic perspective, driven by the desire to understand how people acquire a second language. Far less research has been carried out as to whether TBLT works for real teachers and real learners in a classroom environment. This book aims to offer a unique contribution to the expanding literature on TBLT by uniting a discussion of task-based pedagogical principles with descriptions of their application to real-life language education problems. It provides an account of the many challenges and obstacles that the implementation of task-based language education raises and discusses the different options for overcoming them. The book contains a substantial body of new research from Flanders, where the implementation of TBLT has been a nationwide project for the past fifteen years in primary, secondary and adult education.

Cambridge University Press
Kris van den Branden
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