Telephone English Book & CD

ISBN: 9781405082211

Učebnice pro všechny, kteří potřebují dobře telefonovat. Vhodné pro samouky.

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Telephone English Book & CD : 9781405082211

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Učebnice pro všechny, kteří potřebují dobře telefonovat. Vhodné pro samouky. Description: Telephone English trains students to use the telephone confidently and effectively in the course of their work. In addition to teaching language common to all business phone calls, Telephone English prepares students for dealing with specific situations in the business context in which they operate. Key Features • Equips Business English students with the skills necessary for making a successful phone call, such as sounding friendly and polite, making small talk and the importance of register • Focuses on the conventions of making phone calls in the English-speaking world and teaches students how to build successful relationships on the phone • The Student's Book contains an Audio CD so all the exercises can be used by independent students as well as in class • Contains a Phrase Bank organised into functional areas which provides students with a quick, practical reference to support them in their phone calls • Review lessons at the end of each section systemise and extend the target language

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