The Bilingual Family Second edition

Harding-Esch, E. & Riley, P.

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521004640

kniha přináší rady pro dvojjazyčné rodiny, jak při osvojování jazyka u dětí

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The Bilingual Family Second edition : 9780521004640

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kniha přináší rady pro dvojjazyčné rodiny, jak při osvojování jazyka u dětí This is the second edition of the best-selling book that has provided practical advice to thousands of parents who want their children to grow up bilingual. It still gives parents up-to-date information and advice they need to make informed decisions about what language 'policy' to adopt with their children. This new edition also looks at cases of single-parent families with bilingual children, as well as schooling and bi-literacy issues. The authors help parents identify the factors that will influence their decision to bring up their children as bilinguals. The second part consists of case studies of bilingual families, which illustrate a wide range of different 'solutions'. The third part is an alphabetical reference guide providing answers to the most frequently asked questions about bilingualism. Bringing up bilingual children is a challenge and this book helps parents meet that challenge. Contents: 1 Children and language; 2 What is bilingualism?; 3 Some things you should know about being bilingual; 4 The development of the bilingual child; 5 What will influence your decision whether to bring up your children as bilinguals?; Case studies: a number of bilingual families, and how they did it; An alphabetical reference guide

Cambridge University Press
Harding-Esch, E. & Riley, P.
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