The Dynamics of the Language Classroom. PB

Tudor, Ian

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521776769

Kniha nabízí změnu pohledu na výuku jazyků ve třídě

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The Dynamics of the Language Classroom. PB : 9780521776769

743 Kč

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Kniha nabízí změnu pohledu na výuku jazyků ve třídě Traditionally, the classroom has been seen as a place where language learning takes place in a linear manner on a fairly predictable input-output model. Recent research, however, has portrayed the classroom as a complex environment which is influenced by a wide range of attitudinal and contextual factors. This book seeks to explore the dynamic and frequently unpredictable nature of the language classroom. It does this by examining the various conceptions of language, learning, and of the classroom which influence participants' attitudes and actions. The interaction between methodology and context and the role of local cultures of learning is also examined. It then concludes with a number of recommendations as to how language educators may work constructively with the complex dynamic of classroom teaching and learning. Contents: Chapter 1. A CHANGING PERSPECTIVE ON LANGUAGE TEACHING; Chapter 2. THE DYNAMICS OF TEACHING AND LEARNING;Chapter 3. VISIONS OF LANGUAGE;Chapter 4. VISIONS OF LEARNING;Chapter 5. VISIONS OF THE CLASSROOM; Chapter 6. METHODOLOGY AND CONTEXT; Chapter 7. EXPLOITING LOCAL DYNAMICS;Chapter 8. NEGOTIATION IN THE CLASSROOM; Chapter 9. LIVING WITH COMPLEXITY

Cambridge University Press
Tudor, Ian
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