The Infographic History of the World

Ball, James D´Efilippo, Valentina

ISBN: 9780007506156

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The Infographic History of the World : 9780007506156

637 Kč

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The History of the World, but not as you know it. A new type of history is here - all 13.8 billion years of it, exploded into a visually jaw-dropping feast of facts, trends and timelines that tell you everything you´d ever want to know about the history of the world. From the primordial soup to the technological revolution of the 21st century, interesting stuff has been going on; and ever since prehistoric man scratched the first tally markings into a damp cave wall, we´ve been counting and measuring it all. Which historic warriors conquered the most territory, killed the most people, or had the largest empire? When did everything evolve? Which languages are related to which? What´s been invented and when? Where are we being born, and what are we dying of? Which countries are eating all the food, causing all the pollution and taking all the drugs? A story of civilisation and barbarism, of war and peace, this is history done in a new way - a beautifully designed collection of the most insightful and revealing trends that tell us what the human race has been up to, and where we´re heading.

Ball, James D´Efilippo, Valentina
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