The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World

Morozov, Evgeny

Penguin Books (UK)
ISBN: 9780141049571

Does free information mean free people?

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The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World : 9780141049571

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Does free information mean free people? In "The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World" Evgeny Morozov argues that our utopian, internet-centric thinking holds devastating consequences for the future of democracy. We were promised that the internet would set us free. From the Middle East's 'twitter revolution' to Facebook activism, technology would spread democracy and bring us together as never before. We couldn't have been more wrong. In "The Net Delusion" Evgeny Morozov shows why internet freedom is an illusion. Not only that - in many cases the net is actually helping oppressive regimes to stifle dissent, track dissidents and keep people pacified, with companies such as Google and Amazon helping them do it. This book shows that free information doesn't mean free people - and that, right now, everyone's liberty is at stake. "Offers a rare note of wisdom and common sense, on an issue overwhelmed by digital utopians". (Malcolm Gladwell). "Passionate, admirable and important". ("Observer"). "The book is a wake-up call to those who think the internet is the solution to all our problems". ("Daily Telegraph"). "A delight ...his demolition job on the embarrassments of "internet freedom" is comprehensive".

Penguin Books (UK)
Morozov, Evgeny
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