Vampire Diaries: The Fury

Smith, L. J.

ISBN: 9781444900729

originální anglická četba

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Vampire Diaries: The Fury : 9781444900729

236 Kč

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originální anglická četba I read the first three books after finding them at my old school library years ago. And I must admit, I ALMOST didn't read them and that is mainly because I thought the covers looked old and boring. Of course, there is the old rule: "Never judge a book by its cover!" I'm so glad I did decide to read them! I fell in love with "The Vampire Diaries" series and have continued to reread them again and again.

I was very excited when I found the fourth one, and it's just as great as the others! The fact that Bonnie was the main character made it even better, as she is one of my favorite characters.

Not everybody will like these books. The main character, Elena Gilbert, would probably turn many away. Elena is a popular, beautiful girl in her high school. She is admired by the girls and drooled over by the boys. And when Elena sees something she wants (Stefan Salvatore, a mysterious, attractive boy), she does whatever possible, never quitting, until she gets it.

However, things don't stay perfect forever in Elena's world. Soon, one of her best friends, jealous and spiteful, turns on her, and people are being attacked by some kind of animal. We don't find out what is really harassing Fells Church until the third book "The Fury"(the first book in this one), and my personal favorite.

Through all the books she has three good, trusting friends---one of them her ex-boyfriend---sticking by her side, along with Stefan Salvatore, the one she falls in love with. And the one that happens to be a vampire born during the Italian Renaissance.

I recommend this book, and the first one, to anyone that likes reading vampire books or if you just want something to read. And if you like these go read some of L.J. Smith's other books.

Smith, L. J.
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