Writing Matters Book

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521348959

Pre-intermediate to Intermediate. Writing skills and strategies for students of English.

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Writing Matters Book : 9780521348959

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Pre-intermediate to Intermediate. Writing skills and strategies for students of English.

Writing Matters is designed to develop students’ writing ability and give them the confidence to use this ability in everyday life. Through extensive use of real-life examples it provides useful models for students and teachers to work from and discuss in the classroom. It emphasises that writing is a process and also that the demands of writing vary depending on the reader, the purpose, the content and the writing situation. Accordingly, the book is divided into two parts. Part 1 deals with basic procedures such as preparing, drafting and revising texts and also offers help in the often difficult areas of spelling and punctuation. Part 2 focuses on writing contexts ranging from the functional (letters of application, postcards, advertisements) to more creative, personal writing. The units in this part give practice in all these different types of writing. This book �
• guides students progressively towards proficient and effective writing �
• uses lively, authentic material as models �
• is relevant to students’ real-life needs and interests �
• can be used flexibly as a course or as supplementary material. Written by experienced teachers specialising in writing skills development, Writing Matters can also be used by adult speakers of English as a first language and secondary school students.

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