!Uno, dos y... tres! !Qué fácil! 2 CD audio para la clase

R. Ariolfo, D. Carpani, A. L. de Hériz

ISBN: 9788853006783

Třídílný kurz španělštiny pro mládež. Kurz obsahuje témata blízká teenagerům, je založen na komunikativním principu a rovnoměrném rozvoji všech jazykových dovedností. - poslechové CD

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Individuální kalkulace pro školy a instituce.

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!Uno, dos y... tres! !Qué fácil! 2 CD audio para la clase : 9788853006783

143 Kč

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Třídílný kurz španělštiny pro mládež. Kurz obsahuje témata blízká teenagerům, je založen na komunikativním principu a rovnoměrném rozvoji všech jazykových dovedností. - poslechové CD

¡Uno, dos y... tres! ¡Qué fácil! is a three-volume course which takes students to level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.

The course stands out for its emphasis on the active involvement of the students, who are introduced to studying Spanish through topics which they can relate to, such as, school life, the family, holidays and free time. The communicative approach and the balance between the four skills makes learning easy and motivating.
¡Uno, dos y... tres! ¡Qué fácil! has a simple layout. It follows a progressive approach and has a balance between exercises which present and consolidate grammar and those which are more fun.
The level of the texts is graded by age, in terms of the topics dealt with, and by the parameters set out in the Common European Framework of Reference.
¡Uno, dos y... tres! ¡Qué fácil! offers an innovative method aimed at immediate familiarisation  with the phonetic aspects of the Spanish language.
Great emphasis is placed on vocabulary, on the typical day-to-day language of teenagers and on  specific expressions for correct communication in class.

The course includes:
• three volumes made up of Libro del alumno + Cuaderno de ejercicios;
• an interactive audio CD-ROM (volumes 1 and 2) and an audio CD (volume 3) for the students;
• a self-assessment booklet (one for all three volumes);
• three class audio CDs;
• three Teacher’s Guides.

Volumes 1 and 2

¡Uno, dos y... tres! ¡Qué fácil! is made up of eight units which are preceded by an introductory unit in which new language and its characteristic sounds is presented (volume 1) and in which stimulus for revision and conversation are offered (volume 2).

Then, each unit is divided into six sections:
Escucha and ¿Cómo suena? present the phonetics and spelling from the unit through listening exercises;
• the bulk of the unit, called A ver..., offers active reflection on the vocabulary and grammar in a deductive way. Dialogues, narratives and group work allow the language structures to be dealt with in a varied and creative way;
El gran teatro del mondo presents Spanish and Latin American culture and traditions;
• the fun pages J de Juego and T de Test help the consolidation of the structures learnt in the unit through language games and other fun activities.

The third volume differs from the first two in the emphasis on spelling in the section ¿Cómo se escribe? and L de Léxico. Furthermore, the volume ends with a literature section called Lecturas, dedicated to the culture of the Hispanic world. In this section the topics range from history to linguistics and from science to music, using an interdisiplinary approach (CLIL).
The listening exercises and the texts in Lecturas which are recorded, are on the audio CD, which accompanies the third volume.

The Cuaderno covers the structures learnt in the Libro del alumno systematically, through revision and consolidation exercises.
Every two units, there is a page of Autoevaluación, which helps students to check their own progress and assess what they have learnt.

PROYECTOS para evaluar tus competencias
PROYECTOS para evaluar tus competenciasis
inspired by the European Language Portfolio, a document devised by the European Council for all EU students who are studying foreign languages.

The booklet, included with the first volume, contains self-assessment forms for reflection on learning Spanish at A1 and A2 levels, as the language dealt with in this three-volume course is.

It is divided into three sections:
Mi pasaporte de lenguas, with personal details relevant to learning the language;
Mi biografía lingüística, with the grid of Common European Framework skills and the self-assessment forms;
Mi dossier, the creative part of the Portfolio, in which a record of the results achieved whilst  learning Spanish can be kept.

The Guía para los professors contains the suggestions of methodology and other advice for teaching. It includes:
• answer key to the exercises in all three volumes;
• recording scripts;
• instructions for undertaking projects for the student’s personal Dossier;
• tests for the three volumes. As well as being in the teacher’s guide to photocopy for the class, the same tests are also available on our website.

The audio CD-ROMs, is an integral part of both the first and second volumes of ¡Uno, dos y... tres! ¡Qué fácil!. They are easy-to-use, multimedia tools with an audio part, where the students can listen to the tracks from the Cuaderno de ejercicios, and a ROM part, which offers fun activities for the consolidation and development of the vocabulary, grammar and cultural studies dealt with at this level.

R. Ariolfo, D. Carpani, A. L. de Hériz
Audio CD
Rok vydání
A1 - A2