Dominoes Starter (New Edition) Kidnap


Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780194247115

zjednodušená anglická četba pro mládež a dospělé ( úroveň Starter)

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Individuální kalkulace pro školy a instituce.

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Dominoes Starter (New Edition) Kidnap : 9780194247115

177 Kč

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zjednodušená anglická četba pro mládež a dospělé ( úroveň Starter) The activities in Dominoes keep students engaged in the stories and help to reinforce their understanding of the key language. They can be completed at home or in class. The project activities in Dominoes build on the themes from the story and encourage students to draw on their own experiences. Activities include note-taking and language tasks, leading to extended writing, poster-making, and class presentations. They are ideal for group work in class or individual assignments.

Dominoes are full colour readers with extensive Activities and Project pages.

They are suitable for students who need more support in their reading than is provided by traditional readers. The Activities and Projects can be used either in class or as homework.

* Graded from Beginner to Level 3 (Pre-Intermediate) (A1-B1) of the Bookworms grading system.
* Seven pages of grammar activities in every book.
* Editions available with interactive MultiROM containing a range of fun activities and games.
* MultiROM editions have entertaining dramatised audio recordings featuring multiple actors, music and sound effects to bring the story to life.
* Two personalised projects in every book - perfect for CEF portfolio work.
* Glossary on the page to provide full vocabulary support.

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