IELTS Masterclass Teacher´s Book

Haines, S & May, P

Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780194575355

Kurz je zaměřený na procvičování všech dovedností potřebných k úspěšnému složení zkoušky IELTS - metodika

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Individuální kalkulace pro školy a instituce.

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IELTS Masterclass Teacher´s Book : 9780194575355

494 Kč

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Kurz je zaměřený na procvičování všech dovedností potřebných k úspěšnému složení zkoušky IELTS - metodika Description: IELTS Masterclass trains students in broad academic skills and develops thinking strategies. Overview IELTS Masterclass will take students to the level required for university admission by covering all four skills, building relevant vocabulary and grammar, and encouraging learner independence. How can it be used? As part of a IELTS preparation course. As part of a general academic pre-sessional course. Who is it for? University students. Key features: Topic development aimed at getting students thinking about issues. Skills analysis helps students improve their approaches. Consolidated exam tasks simplify range of IELTS task types. Language syllabus designed for IELTS and other academic contexts. 'Help yourself' sections help students plan their own study. CD-ROM Now available with MultiROM with access to an online test. New MultiROM with extra activities and a link to one online test.. The practice test replicates the actual test, but is not completed in test conditions, allowing students to: * Click on any unfamiliar word to link to an explanation from the Oxford Student's Dictionary. * Use the tips for advice that will improve their scores. * Refer to the correct answer before submitting their answers for marking. * Submit either a question, a part, or a paper for marking before re-submitting the whole test for final marking. * Choose to send/give their essay to a teacher for marking, and for the mark to be integrated into the overall test score. * Use the test for three months once activated.

Oxford University Press
Haines, S & May, P
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