Language Teaching Awareness

Gebhard, J. & Oprandy, R.

Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521639545

Kniha pomáhá učitelům jazyků lépe poznat a rozvíjet vlastní metody výuky

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Language Teaching Awareness : 9780521639545

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Kniha pomáhá učitelům jazyků lépe poznat a rozvíjet vlastní metody výuky This book helps language teachers to explore and become more aware of their own teaching beliefs, attitudes, and practices. It provides them with knowledge and guidelines that can empower them to make informed teaching decisions. Teacher educators will also find the text a practical book to use in preservice and inservice programs, courses, and workshops. The text discusses and illustrates activities teachers can use to gain awareness of teaching, including observation, action research, keeping journals, exploring with a supervisor, and connecting their personal and professional lives. It then gives examples of teachers who have used such activities to take a careful look at their own teaching practices. Tasks throughout the book give teachers experiential knowledge of the activities and ideas that characterize an exploratory approach to teaching awareness, which expands upon the usual training and development models of teacher education. Contents: 1. Exploring Our Teaching; 2. Processes of Exploration; Part 2 PROCESSES; 3. Seeing Teaching Differently through Observation; 4. Problem Posing and Solving; 5. Reflecting through Teaching Journals; 6. Exploring with a Supervisor; 7. Connecting Who we ARe with Who we Are as Teachers; Part 3 EXAMPLES; 8. Teachers Taling about Teaching; 9. Microteaching and Self-observation; 10 .Two Action Research Projects; 11. How Yoga Was Taught.

Cambridge University Press
Gebhard, J. & Oprandy, R.
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