New Proficiency Gold Coursebook

Newbrook, J. & Wilson, J.

ISBN: 9780582507272

učebnice na přípravu zkoušky CPE

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New Proficiency Gold Coursebook : 9780582507272

962 Kč

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učebnice na přípravu zkoušky CPE

Description: With engaging texts and a smart look, New Proficiency Gold is an enjoyable course that assures adult and young adult learners of exam success. A stimulating language syllabus blended with thorough exam practice and technique means that Gold is a great choice for mixed classes.
Your classes will be fun and engaging with communication activities and unit-linked speaking prompt cards
Engage your students with authentic texts, challenge them with regular reviews, and motivate them with tests in both the Coursebook and the Teacher's Book
Give students all the examination practice they want using the Exam Maximiser which has thorough exam training, tips and strategies, and a complete practice exam

Newbrook, J. & Wilson, J.
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