Smart Choice 3 Workbook B

Wilson, K, Falla, T & Davies, P

Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780194302616

čtyřdílný kurz americké angličtiny pro dospívající a dospělé ( úroveň Beginner to Intermediate) - pracovní sešit B

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Individuální kalkulace pro školy a instituce.

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Smart Choice 3 Workbook B : 9780194302616

121 Kč

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čtyřdílný kurz americké angličtiny pro dospívající a dospělé ( úroveň Beginner to Intermediate) - pracovní sešit B American English Young Adult / Adult Course Smart Choice is a complete four-skills course with a special focus on conversation. With its straightforward approach, the series requires minimal preparation, while allowing plenty of opportunity for supplementation. Each page of Smart Choice offers a self-contained lesson, focusing on a particular skill, and closes with a discussion activity. Description A complete and flexible four-skills course that offers personalized speaking on every page. Overview Smart Choice is the easy and effective way to teach English. Teach right off the page, add your own activities with ease, and expand your lessons with extra material, including customizable worksheets and free video. Key features Flexible. Each page is a self-contained lesson that ends with personalized speaking. With one skill per page and plenty of spots to add your own supplements, preparation is simple. Start anywhere in the unit and pick and choose activities as you go. Effective. A balance of speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in every unit ensures your students have the language they need to communicate accurately and fluently. Expandable. Add extra practice with the Workbook, Teacher's Book, Teacher's Resource Book with 'Click & Change CD-ROM,' and interactive activities and video on the Multi-ROM in the back of the Student Book. Adaptable. Use the 'Click & Change CD-ROM' to bring Smart Choice into your students' world. Just modify the worksheets to create professional-quality photocopiables with the food, fashions, places, and pop stars your students want to talk about. Fun. Personalization on every page lets students bring their own ideas to class. Information gaps, class surveys, and personality quizzes get students talking, laughing, and learning about each other - in English.

Oxford University Press
Wilson, K, Falla, T & Davies, P
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